A thousand sunsets, a thousand memories, a thousand heartbeats, colours of blue red & gold streaking the sky ... this is Santorini island ... Poets have written about it, artists attempt to capture its' beauty. Nothing can quite describe it ...

This tiny Greek island, rich in history & steeped in myth, is situated on the southern east tip of the Cyclades Archipelagos. Once famous for its seafaring captains & thriving trade from Russia towards England, France & Italy, & even further back in time the biblical volcanic catastrophy of 1500 B.C., today Santorini is one of the most popular holiday destinations world wide.

Aroma Suites can be found in Fira, the capital of Santorini island. Here one can find the quaint cobblestone streets filled with small shops with various unique, traditional as well as tourist products, many cafes, restaurants and bars on the Caldera cliffs with breathtaking view of the Aegean sea.

Aroma Suites is open all year round

During winter time, visitors to the island can still find things going on.
Each week festivals are held at the local churches, and once the service and the procession of icons around the chapel is completed, free wine and food is offered.

Visit Santorini in the winter time

Santorini also caters to lovers of peace & quiet. Life on the island during these times of the year continues at a slower pace.
The hub-bub of summer may have died down, but Santorini still manages to retain its charm ..
Winter in Santorini is perfect for a quiet and carefree stroll along the Caldera footpaths in Fira and the village of Oia.

Santorini Winter Magic

The island business community operates for the locals. One can find a few local cafes which remain open, as well as banks, the local bookshop, a small selection of shops, car hire firms & pharmacies.
There are restaurants & tavernas that remain open all year round , catering to the local inhabitants. Visitors to the island have a chance to enjoy real island cuisine.